How to remove Astromenda


Uninstalling Astromenda is easy. Follow the provided instructions to complete the process.

First we'll go through how to uninstall Astromenda:

This is part one. Part two will show you how to reset your browser settings.
So, let’s get started.

First, close your browser windows.

From the Start center find the Control Panel


In the Programs Select Uninstall a program. In Windows XP/Vista/7 this is under the name "add/remove programs".

control panel

Choose Astromenda and then click the Uninstall/Change button. This will uninstall the program.
uninstall-programs and features

Part two requires that you reset your browser

This section is browser specific. Scroll down to see the instructions for your particular browser. If we are missing any, please shoot us an email.



  • You'll see in the Chrome menu an "settings" button. Click this.

  • To reset your homepage, go under Appearance. Select Show Home button and then click Change

    Select Use the New Tab page. Here you can enter any other haddress that you prefer to be your homepage. 

    To change your default search engine, start under Search.  In the drop-down, you have your pick of other search engines.

    Now, in "On startup" go to "Set pages" and then delete the Astromenda section.

    To make sure Astromenda doesn't open when you start a new tab, click the trash icon next to Astromenda in the "extensions" section of your Chrome options. 


    Now, to make sure all the changes when into effect, restart your browser.


    For resetting your Firefox browser, go to the options button within the Firefox menu. 

    Here find the "Restore to Default" button to get your browser back to it's original homepage.

    2. Click the magnifying glass icon on the left side of the search box to start changing your search engine. 

    To change your search engine, click the "Manage Search Engines" button.

    Remove Astromenda.

    Go back to the Firefox menu to update your "new tab" extension to something other than Astromenda. Go to "Add-ons"

    Remove or Disable Astromenda new tab
    extensions ff

    To make sure all the changes took effect, restart your browser

    Internet Explorer

    In IE, click the internet options selection under the IE browser.

    Press the "use default" button under the General tab to reset your homepage. 

    Click on the "tabs" button to make sure Astromenda doesn't open when you open a new tab. 

    Make the new tab "your first home page" or another option of your choosing.


    Go to the "manage add-ons" button within the IE browser menu to change your default search.

    Take a look at the list of search engines. Enable whichever you prefer. Make sure you disable Astromenda.
    IE 10-11 search engine

    Now to make sure all the changes took effect, restart your browser.


          Go to the search tab in the Opera "preferences" menu. Click delete.


    Browser Compatibility

    Look below if Astromenda works with your browser:

    Browser Home page Search    New tab changed to home page
    IE + + +
    FF latest + + -
    Chrome + + +
    Opera latest - - -
    Safari - - -
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