Welcome to Astromenda, your new home for browsing the web!

The internet is a dynamic, ever-changing environment. There is so much information to manage and keep track of. We saw that users were getting inundated with low quality websites and apps. And when they did stumble across useful services, they were prone to losing track of them.

We have studied the browsing experience from top to bottom, and come up with some handy tools for staying on top of it all.

Astromenda is here to make your web experience faster, easier, and more organized. Let’s explore some of the core aspects of Astromenda and how they enhance your browser.

Astromenda Core Features

The Dashboard

Think of the dashboard as your control center; your home base where you manage the rest of your Astromenda account. Here you’ll find all of your saved websites, the date, the weather report, and other helpful widgets that we have gathered in one place for your convenience.

Once you connect your Astromenda to your mobile account, you will be able to see messages and calls from your dashboard. A nice feature for those who want to don’t want to switch back and forth between the phone screen and computer screen.

The convenience of the dashboard is also accessible from your mobile. Downloading the Astromenda app allows you to take your dashboard anywhere, giving you full Astromenda capabilities on the small screen.

Don’t like the default visual settings? Then change it! The color backgrounds, the designs, the borders...if you can see it, you can customize it. All

Your Tabs

If the dashboard is the body of the Astromenda experience, then your tabs are the soul. Every website you save to your dashboard is displayed as a tab with a recognizable website logo.

Simply by syncing your Google account to Astromenda, your homepage will automatically turn your most often visited websites into tabs. Your account will also create a second category of smart website recommendations to make your homepage really feel like home.

When you are exploring new sites and services, you can save them at any time to your dashboard with just a couple clicks. After installation, the Astromenda logo will sit at the top right of your search box. When you discover a new recipe or video sharing site you want to remember, simply press the Astromenda button, select a category, and poof! It will appear in your dashboard next time you open your browser.

Your tabs say a lot about you--they show your diverse range of interests and occupations. Personalize each aspect of your tabs from their spacing to their logos so every time you open up your browser you are greeted with your individual aesthetic and style.

Staying Social

In the spirit of simplifying the browsing experience, we have integrated Astromenda with Facebook API to include some of the social network’s primary features onto our platform.

When you enable our Facebook feature, Astromenda will scan your news feed for interesting links and articles and display them as clickable tabs on your dashboard. Each tab comes with options to see more or less content like the articles on display. This way you can make Facebook’s curating engines more specific to your interests. And if this wasn’t enough, Astromenda gives you the option of seeing all of your event invitations at the top of the dashboard.

The goal behind this social feature is to take the most compelling content on Facebook, and make it easily accessible from your homepage. And don’t worry, Astromenda will not post on your behalf or read your personal messages.

If you decide that Astromenda does not work for you, see our easy guide to uninstall our software.

Please read our Privacy Policy to understand how your browsing data may be stored. Also take a look at our Terms and Conditions about the Astromenda website, and check out our  End User License Agreement (EULA) to get a better understanding of how our software can be used properly.

We think Astromenda is great, however, we understand that it is not for everyone! If you would like to remove one, several or all of the Astromenda features, see the detailed instructions for your chosen browser on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Your satisfaction with the Astromenda website and online tools is important to us. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us.


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